How we work

Our Services

Our services cover all stages from conceptual design and prototyping to production.
We build new software from scratch, prototype, fix/modify existing systems, and provide general consulting in the area system internals.


With more than 10 years in business and many projects behind, we do know how much effort does it take to design, build, and test.
We provide realistic time estimates for our work.
And, most important, these estimates hold!


We stick to high standards of software development. Systems we design and build are stable, extensible, and reliable.
We are solid when it comes to engineering and creative when it comes to QA and troubleshooting.


We love product-oriented approach, and tasks that can be expressed in terms of user stories, not technical specification.
Tell us what product you want to have and it will be our job to design the underlying system for you.

What we did

Our Clients

Some highlights from our portfolio.
Both startups and estabilished companies trust their most innovative ideas for us to implement.
Check the product descriptions, companies, and their feedback below.

Webcam video and audio driver for Windows 10, part of EpocCam product.

Finished work ahead of schedule and delivered high quality code. If you ever need a strong recommendation from self-made app store millionaire (after selling to Corsair) just ask.
Sami Grohn - Founder

Virtual filesystem representing stock market data stored in Amazon S3.

They managed to reduce my complex project from a month to a few days by listening, understanding and then proposing alternative idea which we very quickly tested to prove it.
Chris Bartlett - CEO

Audio and networking RnD projects for next gen D-BOX product.

Knowledgable, honest, reliable and professional! Deliverables are well documented, high quality and velocity is good!
D-BOX Canada
D-BOX Technologies
Alexandre Loiseau - Director, SE

Audio processing algorithms for AI music composer Robocomposer product.

Frisson Factory
James Stakelum - Founder

Various virtual audio drivers and processing modules.

AudioAlgorithms LLC
Jakob Ashtar - Founder

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